AARP 800-424-3410

Addiction Center 855-749-2830

Aging Resources 515-255-1310

Alzheimer’s Office 800-738-8071

Caring for Aging Parents

Drug Watch Information about medication and medical devices used by seniors

Guide to Hearing Health

HIRTA (Heart of Iowa Regional Transport Agency) 877-686-0029

Home Health Services 515-239-6730

Medicaid Long Term Care Guide

Mesothelioma Guide 888-285-2024

Red Cross 515-232-5104

RSVP Ames: 515-292-8890 |  Story City: 515-733-4917

Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) 515-239-2210 or 1-800-351-4664

Story County Veteran’s Affairs 515-956-2626

Story County Food Pantries

United Way of Story County publishes and updates a county hunger guide that lists all food pantry locations.